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William and Ebralie Mwizerwa began the refugee ministry arm of Legacy Mission Village in 2000, begun under the umbrella of the local non-profit organization African Leadership. Over the years, William has served the refugee community in middle Tennessee as a minister, a counselor and a teacher, well-equipped to encourage those he works with as he and his family know first-hand the plight that refugees face because of the trials and suffering that they endured in their homeland of Rwanda.


In 1994, the Mwizerwa family lived through the horrific genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda where nearly one million people were killed in just one hundred days - including their parents and most members of their extended families. By the grace of God, William’s family (his wife, Ebralie, and their four children) survived the killings. Their courageous story is the inspiration for the upcoming movie, Beautifully Broken, releasing nationwide on August 24. One of the key storylines in the movie is how Legacy Mission Village began.



William and his family seek out these broken spirits and minister to them through actions and truth. Being refugees themselves serves as great motivation to the Mwizerwa family as they work, helping hundreds of refugees adjust to their new homes and become active and productive members of their community.


Legacy Mission Village began in 2011, founded by friends in faith living Nashville, Tennessee. These friends shared a passion for service and a common goal to live their lives honoring Jesus Christ and to leave a legacy of mission of our Lord Jesus Christ to the next generation.


Legacy Mission Village has multiple ministries, serving families and individuals both in the United States and in countries across East Africa. Locally, Legacy Mission Village absorbed the refugee ministry originally founded by director William Mwizerwa, a ministry that has been actively supporting refugee families in Tennessee since 2000.


Legacy Mission Village is a 501(3)(c) Christian mission organization that achieved its non-profit status in January 2012. Our organization relies on the generous contributions of our supporters and the selfless efforts of our volunteers.

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